FAQ - Dt. Manasi Joshi at Balanced Bites by Manasi


  1. Why should I choose your diet program?
  1. We always aim at finding a golden mean of health & pleasing your taste buds. We advocate indigenous & seasonal food habits and natural ways to optimize lifestyle. We are against crash diets, meal replacers, skipping meals etc.


  1. How much should I pay for registration?
  1. Registration is absolutely free. After registration, you can fill in the form to create your profile (general profile with height-weight, age etc details, dietary habits, medical conditions). We'll guide you on your requirements. 


  1. Do you advice any supplements / meal replacements?
  1. We do not recommend crash diet or meal replacements or skipping meals. We plan a diet chart for you with healthy eating habits which will suit your routine. Scientific approach in diet plan & exercise routine give sustainable results.


  1. What is the guarantee of weight loss results?
  1. With the dedication in following the diet & regular exercise, you will achieve the target of weight loss. Weight loss varies depending on factors like your BMR, your body's response, Hormones, weather etc.


  1. What is the mode of communication with the dietician when registered at the e-clinic?
  1. You can communicate through the chat window at e-clinic or e-mail. You will receive reply within 24 hours.


  1. How do I make an appointment?
  1. You can contact us through the chat window in this website or call us (WhatsApp call will work too) or mail us with the preferred date and time.


  1. When can I receive my first diet consultation after making payment? 
  1. We'll contact you within 1-2 working days after the payment is reflected, to make an appointment for your diet consultation. 


  1. How much does the program cost?
  1. Please visit our website 'https://balancedbitesbymanasi.zest.md/services' and select the desired program to view details and costs of our packages.


  1. When can I expect reply on my query?
  1. Once you put up your query, you'll receive reply within 24 hours on working day.


  1. How to contact you?
  1. Please go to 'Contact' option at the top right side on the homepage for more details. 


  1. Will I be able to follow the diet plan? 
  1. Yes. The diets designed at 'Balanced Bites by Manasi' are tailor-made, that suit your food-culture, routine, climatic conditions at the place of your stay & availability of foods. Hence, the diet plans we provide, are simple & practical.


  1. Can I do part payment? 
  1. No, we do not provide this facility. But you can opt for EMI option (only if your bank provides this option on your debit / credit card payment).


  1. Can I take a break while registered on the program?
  1. In case of prior information, we allow maximum 1 break of 1 week for 1 month program and maximum 1 break of 2 weeks for 3 months program.


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