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Terms Of Service

Terms & Conditions:

1. Validity & breaks:


The package validity starts from the next day the payment is reflected in our system. This is considered as the Package start date.

1 month package is valid till 30th day from the Package start date.

3 months package is valid till 90th day from the Package start date.

6 month package is valid till 180th day from the Package start date.

Validity extension rights are with the team of - 'Balanced Bites by Manasi'.

Validity extensions will not be given in case of uninformed breaks.


One must inform in case they need a break during package validity period. Uninformed breaks will not be entertained.

One must inform about the needed break well in advance (at least one week before the break), through your profile on our website, or on our official mail ID. Intimation about breaks via any other modes of communication will not be entertained.

There are no breaks allowed for 1 month package as the duration of the package is short.

In case of 3 months package, maximum one break of 1 week is allowed.

In case of 6 months package, maximum one break of 2 weeks or maximum two breaks of 1 week each are allowed.

Team 'Balanced Bites by Manasi' will not be responsible for change in parameters (weight, measurements, blood glucose, cholesterol etc.) during the break. (You will be guided for healthy lifestyle modifications for the break.)

2. Privacy:

All the information shared for the diet consultation (including your identity, weight, diet and personal details) are safe with us and are not shared with anyone or at any platform or any professionals without your written consent.     

3. Guarantee:

The physical parameters (like height, weight, body measurements) & biochemical parameters (like Blood glucose levels, lipid profile, haemogram, hormone profile etc.) vary person to person. They differ with the person's health, climatic conditions etc. They also depend on individual consistency and dedication. Hence, we do not give assurance or guarantee of any specific changes. But, we believe in healthy lifestyle modifications. Hence, if you adapt these changes in your day to day routine, you will definitely observe improvement in your health.   

4. Cash back or refund:

The results achieved depend on commitments from both the sides (from team of 'Balanced Bites by Manasi' and client). The results vary person to person, depending on many factors, such as individual's health, climatic conditions etc. They also depend on individual efforts & dedication. Hence, we do not have any refund policies.

5. Rewards utilization:

Since any rewards on any of our exciting offers are valid for 2 months after they are declared, they should be utilized within this period, otherwise they lose the validity.  

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